2014 Me-Made Garments

My goal in 2014 is to create 32 new garments in my goal size. Why 32? This has nothing to do with Project 333 (in which participants limit themselves to 33 garments and accessories), but has to do with the calendar. I decided to make a garment a week starting Memorial Day weekend, and that works out to 32 garments total for the year.

Garment 1: The blue gauze mullet skirt

Garment 2: The gray polka dot skirt

Garment 3: The Ungaro-inspired black and white skirt

Garment 4: The jade Veronik Avery cardigan

Garment 5: The lawn pajama pants

Garment 6: The blue broadcloth pajama pants

Garment 7: The Holsten sweater (inspired by Nicolas Ghesquiere)

Garment 8: The bright pink tissue-weight maxi skirt

Garment 9: The purple Salted Silk sweater

Garment 10: The bright pink tee UGH

Garment 11: The white tee/pajama top

Garment 12: Liesl, a drapey linen tunic

Garment 13: The teal tee

Garment 14: The red tee

Garment 15: The black tee, to be used as a block

Garment 16: Elfe, version one

Garment 17: The 90-minute skirt

Garment 18: The AIC pajama pants

Garment 19: The chevron voile skirt

Garment 20: The mermaid costume

Garment 21: Dark Pearl cardigan

Garment 22: The Sewing Bee secret stars skirt

Garment 23: Purple pickles sweater

Garment 24: Red ponte skirt

Garment 25: Flannel nightgown

Garment 26: The fitted warm thing

Garment 27: The giant warm thing

Garment 28: Gray fleece track pants

Garment 29: Red fleece track pants

Garment 30: Red warm thing

Garment 31: Charcoal fleece track pants

Garment 32: Charcoal v-neck sweatshirt





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