My first goal skirt

When I packed up my closet and donated everything to charity, there were a few items I was sad to lose. One of them was a primary red, high-low, crinkle gauze skirt with a deep ruffle. It was nearly weightless. It caught ever summer breeze. It was my favorite skirt to wear to farmers markets, to outdoor malls, and anywhere else on a hot day when I was likely to be outside for more than a minute or two.

My girlfriends were pretty shocked that I parted with it rather than cutting it down, but I had already decided to make a new one instead. Vogue Fabrics happened to have gauze on sale, and so off I went to Evanston to raid their selection. The original red had come from there last year, but  I opted for a beautiful turquoise this time around.

skirt blue gauzeThe pattern is McCall’s 6567, view C. I owned the pattern in sizes large through xxl, so I had to cut the pattern down to my new size. I aimed for about a size 14 pattern size by tapering the size large (16-18 pattern size) from the hem to the waist. I also decided to add a sewn-on elastic waistband (instead of the fold-over elastic waistband in the pattern — I think a sewn waistband looks more polished) and cut that to 36″ so it would fit over my hips. Because this added to the overall length, I also tapered the back of the skirt to shorten it by about an inch and a half.

Here’s the funny thing. I still love this skirt and pattern, but I don’t see myself wearing it as obsessively as I wore the red version. As soon as I tried on the blue one, I realized that things that were flattering when I wore a big size won’t necessarily work on my fit body now. And this is one of them. My shape is a little lost in the fabric, despite the fabric being so light and drapey. It doesn’t float around me the way the red one did, either, but it is still light and breezy enough that I will surely wear it on hot days. With a very fitted top, and maybe a tight collar belt, just so my shape isn’t entirely lost in there.

My review on Sewing Pattern Reviews can be found here.



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