Little Feet

When we gain or lose weight, we know that our waistbands might get tighter or our shirts might gap at the button band. But if your weight changes a lot, as mine did from the thyroid problem, your feet can also change sizes. I’m thrilled to report that I’m back in my proper shoe size. This means buying all new shoes — such a hardship! *grin*

But the best part is that I can wear heels again. I lived in heels before my thyroid broke. Two inches was an everyday kind of walking-around shoe, and three inches was more likely. Four inches? You bet, especially for dates with tall men. So it’s probably no surprise that the first shoes I bought were all heels and platforms. As soon as I realized I could wear heels in a 7.5 again, I darted to DSW and splurged on some celebration heels.

These were the very first pair I bought, four-inch lace-ups with a sturdy stacked heel and just the right vibe to wear with jeans and pants.


I love these shoes so much I can’t even stand it. I’ve always been a big fan of this kind of oxford-with-heels shoe, and the meshy pierced leather puts an extra smile on my face. Right after that trip to DSW for these, I ended up at the outlet mall with a friend, where I found these Naturalizers for almost no money. Honestly, I think they were around twelve or thirteen dollars. And in my three favorite shades of gray, gray, and gray? Yeah, they had to come home with me.


They almost look like booties when you wear them. They’re suede, not summer shoes, and I was only able to wear them twice before the weather shifted. Rainy spring is not so good for suede! But I will wear these frequently in the fall, and I can’t wait. Despite the four-inch heel, these are about as comfortable as sneakers, the kind of heels you really can walk in all day.

Then, when the suede had to go into hibernation until fall, I went back to DSW for two pairs of summer sandals. I wear these black ones almost every day now.


The cork platforms are so lightweight! And I love the gladiator look to the straps. Even though these are about 3.5″ in heel height, the platform makes them feel like they’re about two inches, easy enough for shopping all day. The only thing I don’t like about these shoes is the brass buckle — I’m a silver/pewter girl — but I think the buckle is almost invisible here. I found a similar pair in white by a different maker.


I’m not ordinarily a big fan of white shoes, not even for summer. White shoes tend to look old-ladyish to me, especially if the white has any kind of shine to it. But this is a flat white leather, and the cork sole balances it out enough to keep it looking fresh instead of fussy. I wear these pretty frequently, too, and even wore them for a spontaneous afternoon at the mall last week. By the end of the afternoon, my feet were a touch tired, but really, not as bad as you would think. A sturdy platform is so much kinder to the feet than a spiky stiletto, even at nearly four inches.

I think these shoes overall reflect my personal style better than anything else I’ve posted so far. They all have just a whiff of that urban edge that I am so drawn to, and almost everything else I’ve posted so far has been super casual, everyday sorts of clothes, even a bit on the sweet side. I do like the sweet things, too, but I think they work best when there’s a bit of toughness thrown into the mix. These shoes help with that.

On a scale from edgy to sweet, where does your personal style fall?





3 thoughts on “Little Feet

  1. Oooo! Love the first two pairs in particular. Heels are not for me anymore (plantar fasciitis made sure of that – plus I’d be an Amazon in 4″ heels :-D), but I sure can still admire them 🙂


    • You would make a gorgeous amazon! What I wouldn’t give for some of that height!

      I seem to remember the physical therapist saying that 1″ heels are ideal for people with your condition because it relieves some of the pressure on the tendons. But I might be remembering that wrong! Might be something to check out in either case, because I know that’s been a big struggle for you.



  2. Unfortunately, I have to choose when I want to wear pumps – I can wear them, with an orthotic for a special event for a few hours, and then I have to change back into my Dansko’s. It’s bothersome. Oh well. I donated all my really cute shoes . . .


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