Paging Mr. Cash

I’m not a big fan of country music <—understatement), but I think Johnny Cash was cool in any genre. Whenever I wear an outfit like this, I feel like I’m taking a page right out of his style book.


another terrible selfie … ack!

Black Jones New York jeans, black buttoned shirt, silver chain and leather belt, a big onyx and silver ring, and onyx and silver drop earrings.I’m wearing black platform sandals, but boots would obviously work. (Not cowboy boots. I’m a city mouse.) I still have a few extra pounds to remove from my hips, as you see, but I’m pretty close to goal weight now. I did a little shopping this afternoon, and not one of the mediums fit me. They were all unwearably big. Every shirt and jacket I tried on was small or extra small, though I’m still in a size 8 for pants. My hips will be the last part of me to reach goal, I guess!

Sometimes the style is in the details, the small items rather than the big pieces. The shirt and jeans are plain, really, but the belt — I love this belt. It’s a no-name, no-brand trinket I picked up at Carson’s for like $30, a bargain for as much use as I get out of it.


check out the leather lacing through the silver rings — very nice

And the ring, another detail that takes this from ordinary to a little more pulled together.


desperately needing a camera that doesn’t turn everything orange and blurry

I wanted to wear a necklace, too and tried on several. Every one of them competed with the belt and made the outfit look overdone.


The silver leaf necklace in the middle is part of a set that belonged to my great-grandmother. She had an amazing collection of deco costume jewelry, and I was grateful to get a few bits when she passed. In any case, love and nostalgia aside, none of the necklaces worked with the belt.

So this is what I’ll wear to a casual family gathering for birthday cake at my sister’s house tonight. There will just be a few of us, and I’ll probably be overdressed because the others will be in sport shorts and printed tees. Par for the course. Yes, I’ll wear head to toe black in August. I can hear my grandmother scolding me for wearing black in summer, but oh well. That was one childhood fashion rule I was more than happy to drop as an adult. I’ll also wear head to toe white any day of the year, if I feel like it, cuz I’m just a rebel that way.

What childhood fashion rule did you abandon as an adult?



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