One of my 2015 resolutions

As I’ve tried to rapidly piece together something resembling a functional, four-season wardrobe, I’ve fallen into the habit of buying multiples. It started in June when I purchased 6 tank tops on one trip to the mall, and it’s happened a few times since then, most recently at the Nordstrom post-holiday sale.


That right there is a set of three identical cashmere sweaters, Halogen brand, in fuchsia, heather gray, and fire truck red. Here is how I rationalize buying three identical cashmere sweaters.

  • They were on sale, a very good price for cashmere.
  • These colors fit my capsules perfectly.
  • They’re plain enough to wear with anything, dressed up or dressed down.
  • Cashmere is super warm and it’s super cold out.
  • I know I’ll wear these till they’re unfit to be seen in public, and then I’ll continue to wear them around the house and hope that nobody drops by and catches me in them.

That last point? You want to know how I can guarantee that? Because I own two other Halogen plain v-neck cashmere sweaters identical to these, but in my old large size, and the cashmere sweaters are among the very few things I refuse to relinquish from those sizes. The big ones are black and purple. I wore the purple one Monday. It’s crazy enormous on me now, and I don’t care. I just wear it at home, not out in public, and it makes me happy and feels so cozy and warm.

The multiples don’t stop there. I also needed some flat casual shoes — my shoe size also changed, and I’ve had to spend a shocking amount of money on shoes and boots this past year. Most of those new shoes have heels, but we’re heading into the ice and snow months, and I don’t like wearing heels on ice. So I had to buy some flats, and I picked up a couple of other accessories while I was at it.


The shoes on the left are Steve Madden silver metallic slip-ons from Nordstrom. The shoes on the right are Van’s. The two pairs really look so much alike in cut and shape — only the uppers and brand labels are different. I bought them at two different stores, and they’re still rather like multiples. Hey, at least my taste is consistent, right?

The other items are Ugg shearling earmuffs in a python print — OMG, so warm, love them — and a pair of bracelets. The wide silver bracelet on the right looks amazing worn over a blouse cuff. I usually wear my bracelets next to the skin, but the salesgirl layered it on top of the fabric of my shirt, and I was instantly mesmerized. It’s a pretty cool look. I’ll try to remember to take a snapshot the next time I wear it so you can see what I mean. It’s not something I would have thought to do on my own, but the bracelet is almost exactly as wide as most of my shirt and sweater cuffs, and it just works.

Between the holidays, family stuff, and a standard-issue holiday cold, I haven’t done as much knitting or sewing as I’d planned in this past week. There has been some, but not as much as anticipated. Honestly, I’ve spent more hours shopping than sewing and knitting, but what can I say — it was warm enough to justify going to the outdoor malls, and the holiday sales were enticing. I bought lots of other things, too, and will show them off later. For now, I think a little nap before the New Year’s celebration might be the best plan for the rest of today.

So, one of my key New Year’s resolutions is to stop buying multiples. I think I have enough foundation pieces now that I can start focusing on some statement pieces. I’m excited about that! It feels like progress.

I have other resolutions, too. Not everyone makes them, I know, but I use the start of each new year for some long-range planning. I also set monthly goals at the start of each new month. It’s just the way I function best, with a plan and some strategic thinking and a sense of where I’m heading. Most of my goals this year have to do with career, budget, household organization, and travel. My only real wardrobe/crafting goals are these:

  1. Stop buying multiples in ready-to-wear items.
  2. Going “cold sheep” on yarn purchases until I reach a certain trigger point.
  3. Sew and knit every day, even if only for a few minutes.

I know I’ll make all of these goals because that’s just my way. I make goals, I prioritize my goals, and I pick them off in order of priority. That third one is the goal I know will be easiest to achieve because it will be a pleasure. I don’t care to watch television, and my work involves so much reading that I tend not to read for pleasure all that much. My main leisure activities are working out and making clothes, and I usually manage to do both each day.

Do you have any 2015 goals for your sewing or knitting? What are they? Do you keep your resolutions?





2 thoughts on “One of my 2015 resolutions

  1. Having moved to a new city after 30 years in a small town, my goals reflect a bit of homesickness! Here they are:
    1. Get involved in groups to meet people in my new city.
    2. Attend one meeting a week for my personal program.
    3. Complete Janet Pray’s Craftsy class, and make jacket. Complete shirtmaking class, and make shirt for sun protection.

    I have others which are ongoing and I know I’ll chip away at. But #1 and 2 need to be in my mind so I don’t become a hermit πŸ™‚ I am slowly sewing a wardrobe appropriate for a desert climate and culling anything I found to be too warm to wear. Alas, no cashmere for me!


  2. Hi, Mary,
    I hope you meet lots of fun and interesting people in your new home! In the meantime, we have the internet, where we can always meet like-minded people. πŸ™‚

    One of my goals for later this year is to join a local running group. I thought it would be a fun way to challenge myself and meet people who share this interest. Interest-based groups can bring us to people we might not otherwise meet through our usual routines. But the group I want to join runs 6 miles each time, and I’m not there yet, so my first goal is to increase my running stamina!



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