Fabric Stash Busting 12/1/14 – 11/30/15

Because I really want to sew what I have, but my stash is not huge, I decided to adopt a plan for two yards out/one yard in. So for every two yards I sew, I can buy one additional yard of fabric, and I have to bank the yardage out before I bring new yardage in. Stash management at its simplest.

Yardage Out

Total to Date: 51.75

12/12/14 — 4 yards. Red fleece track pants and red knee-length hoodie. Sufficient scraps remain to be able to make a color-blocked top or zippy.

12/15/2014 — 2.5 yards. Black fleece track pants and v-neck sweatshirt. A few large scraps remain for a color-blocked sweatshirt.

12/19/2014 — 2.25 yards. Pink daisy cotton pajama pants.

12/20/2014 — 4 yards. Pink fleece track pants and pink knee-length hoodie. Scraps remain for a color-blocked project or hat.

12/22/2014 — 3.5 yards. Missoni knit cowl-neck dress.

1/4/2015 — 6.25 yards. Comma dress. Used white poplin shirting for lining, so that counts toward the total, too.

1/10/2015 — 1.5 yards. Navy wool skirt with flounced inset at back hem.

1/12/2015 — 2.5 yards. Chevron ponte dress.

1/14/2015 — 4 yards. Fleece romper bodysuit hoodie thing. Sufficient scraps remain for color blocking with other scraps.

1/19/2015 — 4 yards. Black wool and silver lurex sweater jacket. Just enough scrap yardage remains for a skirt.

2/6/2015 — 2 yards. Printed jersey racer-back maxi dress.

2/13/2015 — 2 yards. Neon green running fleece.

3/23/2015 — 4 yards. White fleece robe.

3/25/2015 — 1.5 yards. Embellished gingham silk taffeta skirt.

5/6/2015 — 3.75 yards. Black and gold batik sundress.

5/20/2015 – 4 yards. Black and gray striped maxidress

Yardage In

Total to Date: 31.125


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