Today’s outfit

This particular outfit has become one of my go-to summer outfits, but it won’t be for much longer. Blame the fit.


terrible selfie, yikes

The skirt is made from white jersey and it has an elastic waistband, so it is about as comfy as yoga pants. You can see from the photo it’s no longer a straight skirt (as it should be), but a sort of full, gathered, used-to-be-straight skirt. That’s because I bought it around 20 pounds ago, and it’s really getting too big to keep wearing. It’s a 12, and I typically wear an 8 now, sometimes a 6.

The short-sleeved sweater is a navy knitted thing with dolman sleeves. Dolman sleeves were created by the devil to make us all look lumpy and shapeless and enormous above the waist, but I thought the mesh lace was sheer enough to counteract the awful dolman shaping. It’s probably not, and it’s also starting to get big on me. I won’t be sad to relinquish this piece even though I wear it a lot right now.

Usually, I wear this with a bright red lipstick and some red sandals, but today I was carrying a red bag, and red sandals plus red bag is too matchy matchy. So I wore my new Vince Camuto silver metallic thong sandals.


Please ignore the toenail weirdness on the left foot. I’m a runner, and toenail weirdness happens to runners. I usually try to keep the toenails covered in a solid polish to hide any weird discolorations or other anomalies there, but the one thing polish doesn’t cover is a fallen-off nail. Eh. It will grow back eventually, and then I can polish that toe properly again.

Meanwhile, I love these shoes with any casual look. They’re the first pair of flats I’ve bought (other than athletic shoes and hiking shoes) since my shoe size went down, and the silver metallic snakeskin finish feels pretty sexy for a flat sandal. The polish is OPI Haven’t The Foggiest from their San Francisco collection. Their polish is durable enough to survive even the abuse I give my poor tootsies, so I tend to wear nothing but OPI. I went through at least eight or ten different colors this summer before I tried this one, and now I’m hooked. This is the only color I want to wear right now. The silver metallic is right on trend, and it has a way of picking up a tint from whatever I’m wearing. Black pants turns it slightly pewterish, and my magenta skirt makes it gleam almost like the reflection of a stoplight in a puddle at night. Love it.

What is your go-to polish color these days?