Carry-around knitting

It’s a pretty common trait among knitters. We tend to carry knitting with us for those stray moments that might otherwise be lost time. In my handbag, tucked in with the lippies and sunglasses and tiny notebooks, I usually haveĀ  a small Piddleloop bag containing a sock-in-progress. I’d heard through the grapevine that Piddleloop was closing, but their etsy shop is still there. I hope this rumor is false because these bags are terrific — sturdy, pretty, well-made, and I can assure you in absolute confidence that they hold up well to abuse. I’ve abused the crap out of mine.

This is the box bag I’ve been stuffing into the wallet compartment of my purse lately. Pretty, isn’t she?

piddleloop box bag

When I’m wearing a cross-body bag, such as I do when wandering the Stitches marketplace or the Renegade craft fair, I use a caribiner to clip the bag through the black loop to the purse strap. Then I can walk and knit at the same time. This is when I knit my socks — I have my standard sock recipe memorized to the point that I don’t ever have to think twice about it. Lately, I’ve been knitting footies, which is just a standard sock without the leg. Cast on, knit six rounds of ribbing, then jump right into the heel flap.

This is the result of walking around Midwest Fiber & Folk, Stitches, and random other stray knitting moments last month.


socks are the same size — the camera angle is creating that illusion of different sizes

I used to love wearing a casual twill or plain cotton skirt with a pair of Chucks or Keds. I still would love it, except that I had to get rid of all my casual twill and plain cotton skirts because none of them fit me anymore. Eventually, though, I’ll replace them with smaller (yay!) skirts, because that skirt/sneaker/tee combo is perfect for running around on a hot summer day. I don’t like bare feet inside sneakers, though, so I started making these little footies. They give a little rim of color around the very top of the shoe — not much, just a small slice of color — and keep my feet more comfortable.

I almost didn’t post these finished footies here because they’re not really a garment, but then I thought, why not. I made them, after all, and not everyone gets to wear custom socks! These are made from Regia sock yarn purchased at The Fold’s New Year’s Day sale. This is one of my favorite sock yarns, a durable, color-fast, machine-washable and -dryable yarn that will still look fresh from the needles even after dozens of wearings. So even though these won’t go onto my me-made garments list for the year, what they heck, they’re still worth a mention.

Which do you prefer on a hot summer day, skirts or shorts?