Oh, happy day!

My mail carrier is one of my favorite people on the planet because he brings me things like this:


Check out the return address. We all know that logo, right? Opening a package from Mood Fabrics always feels like an event. First, there’s the thrill of finding the package on your doorstep. Yay! Then there’s that inevitable moment when I try to remember what I ordered as I open the package and withdraw this:


I love those shiny black Mood bags. They’re great for storing works-in-progress in my sewing room and for protecting folded fabric in my dresser drawers. When I cut out a new pattern, I store all the pieces, pattern, thread, and other notions together in one of these bags. It just makes it easier to find what I need as I sew. So the bag always makes me happy! But what’s inside the bag is the best treat of all:


Oh, right! I remember now! I ordered some red ponte knit to make these wonderful pants. As soon as I spotted this pattern, with the interesting seaming on the legs (think riding pants, but with a different fit), I knew I had to make them in red. Why red? Why not? These will have to wait until I’m at goal weight, though, because they require some precise fitting. But that won’t take long — I’m almost at goal now.

The other piece of fabric I bought was actually the main reason for the purchase. Are you tempted by the Mood flash sales? I am tempted by them, and I’m not always good at resisting temptation when the flash sale is for a sweet dotted swiss in my beloved gray.


This is going to be a summer dress, but I haven’t quite decided which pattern to use. I’m thinking something a little retro, a little mid-century, fitted through the torso, a little volume in the skirt, maybe some white piping somewhere along the way. I think that could be fun! The fabric has a crisp hand like so many shirtings, so this is one that can handle a bit of structure. We’ll see! I have a couple of patterns in the stash that might just do….